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Breeze Professional Hair Dryer

Breeze Professional Hair Dryer

  • Product Info

    Get style and value with PRETTY VEE BREEZE Hair Dryer. 3 heat / speed settings let you choose what works best for you: low for delicate and thin hair, middle for average hair, or high for thick hair. Powerful enough to dry hair fast, and compact enough to take on the go, this styler combines performance with convenience.


    Comb Head - Picks up sections of hair, allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your hair at a time. Perfect for styling hair however you desire.

    Wavy Head - Directs the hot air in a small space, evenly distributing heat through the grooves, adding volume, and drying hair faster.


    First, put your hair into sections and dry each individually. By not blasting the blow dryer all over helps tame stray hairs and frizz. Then, blow-dry in downward strokes from root to tip, leading each section of hair with a round brush. Glide the blow dryer in the direction of the hair's cuticle, to promote shine. Keep your hairbrush taut when using it to form the style you desire. Never hold the blow dryer directly on hair. Keep the dryer moving and never allow the heat to stay on hair for too long.

    PRO TIP!

    Hot Air: Gives volume and forms the look you want! From silky and straight, to bouncy and curled.

    Cold Air: Sets your style in place, adding shine, and less hair damage.

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