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Rose Gold 4 Piece Nail Dryer & Polish Kit

Rose Gold 4 Piece Nail Dryer & Polish Kit

SKU: PV-B0050
  • Product Info

    Style your nails your way with the Profesh Nail Dryer and 3 specially selected nail polishes. Look like you just walked out of the salon, shh we know you didn’t it’ll be our secret. This dryer will have your manicure looking fresh and beautiful in minutes.

    How to Use:

    1.  Apply the desired color to nails on one hand.

    2. After one coat, gently press hand on the base of the nail dryer and hold for 60 seconds.

    3. Repeat on other hand.

    4. Apply a second coat of color and repeat the process.

    5. Use this nail dryer after each nail coat to completely dry each nail before the next application.

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