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10" Studio-Shot Live Stream Kit with Green Screen

10" Studio-Shot Live Stream Kit with Green Screen

SKU: PV-1130

STUD-SHOT live stream kit has everything you need to get started as a creator online. Easy to set up and use, you will be creating, entertaining and editing the best digital content out there. Adjust the tripod height and rotate the ring light 360 degrees to get the highest quality lighting where you need it. Whether you are vlogging, live streaming ,or taking slfies, this kit'sring light and green screen will put you on the road to many more followers.


How to use: Record yourself in front of the green screen. You can then switch out your background or edit using your favorite editing apps. Choose between three diffrent white light modes: white, natural, and warm. Capture your selfies and videos in the best light everytime!

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